July, the most expensive month to travel

Ticket prices explode: In July, only the rich will be able to travel with Lufthansa

These measures concern Lufthansa, but not the entire group, of which Swiss is a part. Once the disruptions related to flight cancellations have been resolved, Lufthansa would like to reopen cheap bookings.

Cancelled flights, long waiting times… Flying is – and will be – stressful this summer. The icing on the cake: Lufthansa, the parent company of Swiss, is drastically increasing its fares in order to give seats to travellers affected by cancellations.

The airline industry is still suffering from the consequences of the pandemic. Staff and devices are lacking. Airlines are being cut, the overloaded infrastructure is running out of steam and ticket prices are currently exploding.

Due to the tense situation related to traffic and bookings, Lufthansa, the parent company of Swiss, has drastically limited its ticket offer, and therefore increased prices. In July, some flights can only be booked in the most expensive classes. The group confirmed on Friday the information published on social networks on this subject.

Flying right now therefore requires not only nerves of steel, but also a well-stocked wallet.

Last week, the airline announced the cancellation of 3100 domestic and European flights in the coming weeks, which is also why flying with Lufthansa is becoming an expensive pleasure.