Islamophobia: Brigitte Bardot relapses in France

Islamophobia: Brigitte Bardot relapses as every Eid El Kebir

Last November, she was fined 20,000 euros for public insults, after calling Reunion Islanders “indigenous people who have kept their wild genes”.

Former French film star and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot resumes her war against the Eid El Kebir festival in France.

“It is this Saturday, July 9, the day of the ‘bleeding man’, that will take place the filthy festival of Eid el Kebir where tens of thousands of sheep will be slaughtered alive all over the France and sacrificed in a shameful and barbaric way in the name of Allah with the complicity of the Government,” she wrote on her Twitter account, provoking the ire of Internet users.

“I have been fighting against this despicable and bloodthirsty Islamic custom for 40 years and for which I have been condemned several times,” she added.