Influenza A patients are abnormally elevated in summer

Influenza A appears a lot in the winter-spring season, now increases abnormally during the summer, causing many people to have a fever and pneumonia to be hospitalized.

The initial symptomatology of the disease is similar to the general seasonal flu, the other point is that the child often has a high fever of 39-40 degrees Celsius, the skin of the eyes, throat is congested.

Children are tired, eat poorly, fuss, when seriously ill, there is a feeling of shortness of breath, pneumonia, bronchiolitis …

At this time, the doctor recommends that parents send their children to the nearest medical institutions for timely treatment and appropriate care.

The disease already has specific treatment, if the child has complications including bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, he will be admitted to the hospital.

On July 6 reported being ill since last weekend.

At first he felt tired, in pain, thinking of a cold, a common fever, so he took his own medicine and rested at home.