Daily self-monitoring of health, if there is a fever presenting with a sore throat cough and is identified with the flu, it is necessary to isolate and wear a mask.

Strengthen immunity, drink enough water, maintain special hygiene of hands and living space, avoid contact with people who show disease, wear masks … are also effective measures to prevent the flu.

Do not use drugs on your own, especially antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu, but follow the instructions of the physician.

In addition to young children, people with risk factors such as over 65 years old, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women … vaccination is required to prevent disease.

Families need to distinguish between dengue and influenza A, because they both show signs of high fever, muscle aches, and fatigue.

However, dengue fever appears abundantly in summer and autumn; flu usually peaks in winter, spring.

Particularly in 2022, many experts said that due to the unusually variable weather, by May there are still cold air waves, which may be the reason why the influenza A virus multiplies.

This situation may pose a risk of epidemics, as dengue cases and Covid-19 patients also increased at the same time.

Early hemorrhagic fever, pain in the person accompanied by possible congestive skin, after the third day there may be accompanying skin hemorrhages.

In the flu, in addition to the symptoms of high fever, aches and pains the person also has signs of inflammation of the respiratory tract (coughing, sneezing, runny nose), sore throat.