How to help children not lose weight despite exercising a lot

How to help children not lose weight despite exercising a lot in the summer

Each physical activity has a different level of energy consumption.

For example, the same swimming, but if swimming continuously will consume more calories than breaststroke, a brisk walk of about 6 kilometers an hour consumes more energy than a slow walk of 4 kilometers per hour…

Therefore, Dr. , it is difficult to calculate exactly how many calories a child consumes for a training session.

Parents need to closely follow and agree with their children on the intensity of the exercise, thereby consulting more with the doctor to have appropriate nutrition.

If the child is underweight or has lost a lot of weight, adults need to take him to a nutritional examination.

Choose the right exercise, eat well, prioritize protein, milk … help children maintain a healthy weight despite a lot of exercise during the summer.

During the summer holidays, children have more time to participate in training activities such as swimming, soccer, badminton, basketball, aerobics …

However, outdoor activities, especially in the heat or in harsh weather conditions, will cause children to be overwhelmed, sweat a lot, dehydrated, and easy to lose weight.