How the phone camera becomes a tool to steal

This is not the first time that popular technology devices have been used as tools for theft.

Earlier, Apple’s AirTag was also used by crooks as a victim tracking device due to its low price and the popularity of the iPhone.

Phone cameras have become a tool to help thieves see through the protective glass and carry out many thefts over the past time.

According to PhoneArena, one of the ways to protect things in cars and homes used by many people is to apply one-way glass, so that outsiders cannot see inside.

However, this method is easily bypassed by a popular tool, the phone’s camera.

A memphis police report shows that car thefts in the area have skyrocketed. One of the ways thieves use it is to use a camera to detect valuable items inside, such as wallets and phones.

The trick was originally posted on Reddit to guide users to observe the scenes behind protected glass doors, but was used by crooks to steal.

According to forum members, this method is dangerous because they can work as soon as the device is raised, do not need to press or shoot, and work day and night, especially when many smartphones now have effective night shooting features.