Hand, foot and mouth complications can worsen after a few hours

Parents need to pay attention to monitor the child’s health in order to detect the disease and go to the hospital for timely treatment.

Sick babies need to be isolated at home until the doctor allows them to return to school, avoiding spreading the disease.

In fact, many parents are infected with the virus that causes the disease but have no symptoms.

Therefore, in many cases, the baby does not go to kindergarten, around which no child has hand, foot and mouth disease but still gets sick.

Parents should not be subjective to symptoms of foot and mouth disease such as abnormal fever, neurological signs, skin, mucous membranes.

Chief Department of Pediatrics, said, usually foot and mouth disease will worsen on the 3-5th day.

The disease can worsen in just a few hours. So that parents are not subjective, it is necessary to detect symptoms, skin signs, mucous membranes.