Experts also recommend that one fruit should not be eaten constantly in order to avoid an excess or lack of various nutrients.

To balance nutrition, it is necessary to eat a variety of fruits. In particular, it is recommended to eat seasonal fruits to avoid loading the body with toxic substances.

However, it is not always good to eat fruit without knowing how to use it properly, with the right people and at the right time.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), each adult should eat 400-500gr of green vegetables and ripe fruits.

The amount of ripe fruit per day to eat is 100-200gr.

In addition, when eating it is necessary to choose the right fruit. For example, people who lose weight and diabetes need to be consulted by a doctor to use fruits appropriately.

An example: “The day we eat 2 mangoes, 5 bananas is reasonable but the energy is loaded into the body a lot.

Because 100gr of mango gives 60 calories, 2 mangoes weighing 1kg will contain 500-600 calories, while with bananas an average fruit will have 90-100 calories.

If you eat 5 fruits, it is no different from eating a main meal.”

According to many international studies, it is not advisable to eat fruits in a rush at a time but divide the fruits by meals throughout the day.

In particular, it is not recommended to eat in the evening close to bedtime, this will cause the body to accumulate more energy, and the digestive system will become more uncomfortable.