Fowler: ‘Liverpool, Man City bought strikers because they lost to Real’

According to former striker Robbie Fowler, Liverpool and City signed Darwin Nunez and Erling Haaland for losing to Real in the Champions League last season.

“There are only a handful of games in a season where Liverpool and City have struggled, and the recruitment of Nunez and Haaland is to address those games.

I like the fact that they use a centre-forward, even if the squads of these two clubs are already running smoothly,” Fowler wrote in the English Daily Mirror on August 15.

The former England striker insists Nunez and Haaland will make Liverpool and City’s play more diverse and can penetrate low-lying defences.

Fowler said opponents are sometimes easier to defend when Liverpool and City don’t have a plugged-in striker, the type of player who is always waiting for an opportunity in the box or speeding up, breaking offside traps.