Foods that support stroke prevention

To prevent stroke, you can eat apples to supplement with pectin – a type of soluble fiber that reduces bad cholesterol in the body, enhancing blood circulation and oxygen.

Besides choosing the types food supporting stroke prevention, patients should eat a variety of foods, potassium supplements and prioritize high-fiber foods.

Drink plenty of filtered water, fruit juices, smoothies, vegetable juices … It’s also very good.

Foods high in grease, fat, foods high in sugar or salt should be limited. People at risk of stroke should not use canned foods, foods high in preservatives, red meat, confectionery high in artificial sweeteners.

“Patients should monitor their daily diet, maintain a stable body weight, avoid weight loss or gain weight too suddenly.

Regular physical examinations with basic or advanced stroke screening packages that can help to detect early and timely intervention if there are factors that increase the risk of stroke” according to experts.

Garlic, bananas, tomatoes, fermented soybeans, grapefruit… are beneficial foods that support stroke prevention and limit disease recurrence.

People who are suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol … there is a higher risk of stroke (stroke). People who have had a stroke have a very high risk of recurrence.

The disease can be fatal or put the person facing the risk of plant life, disability, needing support.

For stroke prevention, besides regular screening health checkups, proper nutrition can bring many benefits, minimize risks and maintain stable health. Dr suggests the foods below that people at risk of stroke can choose from.