Flying motorbikes are twice as expensive as Rolls-Royce cars: Flying 40 minutes, up to 100km/h

In Japan, this flying motorcycle is not considered a flying vehicle, so it does not need a special license to control it. It is unclear in other areas whether AERWINS XTurismo can apply for the same priority.

It should be added that this motorcycle does not meet the usual public operating standards, so it cannot be used as a 2-wheeler, so the user’s ability to use the car is quite limited.

Users can order the AERWINS XTurismo as long as they can spend $770,000.

Unlike drones, AERWINS XTurismo possesses advanced technology and sensors to be able to operate in the air and still be able to carry people.

This flying motorcycle has recently attracted great attention when it appeared at the Detroit 2022 auto show taking place in the US.

At the heart of the unique flying motorcycle is a gasoline-electric hybrid engine built by Kawasaki.

The powertrain was not clarified, but the company said the car could fly for 40 minutes at a top speed of 100km/h with a weight of 299kg.

The default price of the Detroit-based version is $770,000, but AERWINS is developing a more affordable version for mass users.

This version is expected to launch before 2025 with an expected price of $ 50,000, and if it becomes a reality will become a prominent name in the market.

According to a series of videos released by both the company and noted at the Detroit show, the flying motorcycle has good and stable aerial performance.