First Bluetooth LE Audio Compatible Devices to Be Available This Year

The LC3 encoder transmits data via low-power synchronous channels (LE Isochronous Channels) and utilizes new middleware to deliver and control audio content.

For consumers, LE Audio technology is more energy efficient, can support smaller Bluetooth audio devices, extend battery life, and is compatible with existing aptX protocols.

LE Audio enables audio listening, video playback, voice/video calls, and intelligent voice assistant control. Its aggregate multi-stream audio and broadcast audio capabilities let users share audio with multiple devices and share it to multiple Bluetooth speakers or headsets.

In addition, the location-based audio sharing function allows group visitors to listen to shared Bluetooth audio explanations in public places such as museums and art galleries.

This feature is also available for conference centers.

the Bluetooth LE Audio specification announced in early 2020, the Bluetooth SIG organization originally hoped that compatible devices could be released before the end of that year.