Fighting for the life of a premature baby with multiple pathologies

Most premature babies will develop normally, but have a higher risk of health problems.

Therefore, the family should coordinate with the doctor, regularly check the health and development of the child, promptly handle when there are complications.

The baby boy was born at week 28, weighed 700 gr, respiratory failure, severe bacterial infection with inguinal hernia and lost testicles, and doctors tried to keep him alive.

The Head of Neonatology Department, at the Children’s Hospital, said that from the moment the baby was born, doctors assessed this as a very special case.

Baby weighs only 700 gr, respiratory failure, left inguinal hernia, chronic lung disease, sepsis, severe prognosis.

“Often, with premature babies and low weight, the battle for their lives is difficult with a conservative prognosis,” the doctor said.

During treatment, doctors must consider each medicine for the baby, ensure temperature and humidity to avoid hypothermia, dehydration and be close to infection control.