FC Sion in contact with Mario Balotelli!

FC Sion is in contact with Mario Balotelli!

What are the chances of seeing the former striker of Inter Milan, Liverpool, Milan, Nice and Marseille, land in Valais? “At the minute, I don’t know. But we are still working on this file. The Turks are willing to open the door.”

If it were to materialize, the transfer of Balotelli would of course represent a huge blow for FC Sion, reflecting well beyond the Swiss borders.

“It is more emotion than money that can convince him to come to Zion,” concludes Christian Constantin. If I manage to bring Balotelli, it still changes the dimension of the team. His presence alone could allow me to complete other files.”

To the point of making FC Sion a title contender?

The Tourbillon club hopes to bring Super Mario back into its nets. Christian Constantin confirms the ongoing negotiations. He went to Brescia, to the player’s home.

At 31, will Mario Balotelli bounce back to FC Sion? Currently in Turkey, at Adana Demirspor, whom he joined in July 2021, the Italian international could continue his career at Tourbillon.