Factors that increase breast cancer risk

Myths about factors that increase breast cancer risk

Eat a lot of sugar this leads to a spike in insulin, which causes the body to fall into a state of susceptibility to inflammation.

This can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

Eating too much sugar can lead to obesity – a risk factor for breast cancer.

Although there is no concrete evidence that sugar causes breast cancer, people should abstain from added sugars as much as possible to avoid health effects.

Nipple advice

Nipple advice does not increase the risk of this disease.

However, they can lead to complications, such as infection, abscess, difficulty breastfeeding due to blocked ducts from scar tissue, nerve damage, keloids, nan tumors.

In addition, although it is rare, this can potentially infect HIV and hepatitis B, C. People should not wear nipple piercings, if done, it should be removed.