Erectile fracture due to wrong position relations

The doctor recommends that when symptoms of suspected fracture of the penis appear, the patient needs to go to the examination for timely surgery and treatment.

For patients with ruptured cavernous objects, 6 months after surgery it is possible to maintain normal sexual activity.

The 38-year-old man, admitted to General Hospital in a state of hematuria, swollen penis due to having sex in the wrong position.

The Deputy Head of The Department of Nephrology and Urology, General Hospital, on July 5, said the patient suffered a ruptured penis cavernous object due to having sex in the wrong position.

The patient is undergoing emergency surgery, handling the white scales of cavernous objects.

5 days after surgery, the patient’s health is stable, but faces many complications such as penile curvature, impotence, narrowing of the urethra, urine leakage, requiring long-term monitoring.

According to Doctor, it is not necessary to have rough sex to cause the penis to break, sometimes the cause is just having the wrong position.

However, this condition usually occurs when the penis is highly erect, so just a slight movement that bends the angle of the penis or a strong impact also causes the cavernous shells to burst, causing bleeding.