Erectile dysfunction in people with diabetes mellitus

Factors that cause erectile dysfunction in people with diabetes mellitus

Men with diabetes need to maintain regular health checkups; you may perform necessary tests such as blood tests (blood glucose level assessments), hormone tests (measuring testosterone levels and other important hormones), nervous system tests to look at the manifestations of damage, etc.

Vascular disorders, insulin resistance, hormonal decline… increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes mellitus, which requires early treatment.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction in men, including diabetes mellitus.

Patients may develop erectile dysfunction due to the following factors:

Vascular disorders: Under the pressure of blood glucose, the small blood vessels that lead the blood to the “boy” are vulnerable and do not provide enough blood to be able to get an erection.

This condition is even more severe in patients who do not have good blood glucose control; atherosclerosis leads to narrowing, even blockage of pelvic blood vessels.

Diabetic neuropathy: The most diabetics are those who abuse alcohol and are vulnerable to sympathetic nervous system damage and peripheral parasympathetic, leading to loss of the ability to get an erection.

Insulin resistance:

The synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) helps to dilate blood vessels but when glycemic Prolonged increase leads to the formation of dimethylarginine substances, which compete with nitric oxide.

This substance increases will cause the patient to have erectile dysfunction.