Drinking alcohol every day causes the brain to age prematurely.

Some brain damage can be repaired if stopped and abstained from alcohol for a while but some of the damage is permanent.

The habit of drinking alcohol causes the loss of some brain neurons (which cannot be recovered when lost) in the anterior cortex, cerebellum, deep inside the brain.

The general conclusion from scientists, alcohol habits have a negative impact on brain health over time.

Alcohol abuse also affects sleep, the alcohol that soaks into the blood will slow the brain down.

Drinking alcohol will not be able to sleep well because the body continues to absorb and process alcohol.

When drunk, many people have difficulty remembering what they did, drinking too much alcohol can lead to memory loss, dementia.

Brain damage caused by alcohol manifests itself as poor judgment, slow thinking and difficulty making decisions.

Change healthy living habits such as abstaining from alcohol, regularly exercising, reading, resting regimens, scientific activities to have good health and slow down the aging process.