People with a mentality that wants to please all those around them often experience mental trauma in the past or suffer emotional abuse.

After taking the time to deal with psychological traumas, Jones said his feelings no longer depend on the looks of others.

Instead, he learned to love himself and rekindle healthy relationships with his father and those around him.

Mikah Jones is “the one who relieves the psyche of every home.”

Since he was 8, he regularly gives advice, is an unconditional spiritual support for his peers, even adults.

Jones knew he was the kind of person who liked to please anyone and couldn’t say no.

But he did not realize that this was a psychological reaction born from past traumas and emotional indifference coming from the father.

The 20-year-old shared: “My father almost never said he loved me. “

Years of underestimation led Jones to put his own emotional needs aside to avoid being abused both mentally, verbally, and physically.