Dangerous volcanoes – Tourist falls into Italian volcano

Dangerous volcanoes – Tourist falls into Italian volcano crater after selfie failure

Five years ago, an 11-year-old boy and his parents died on the Solfata di Pozzuoli volcano, about forty kilometers from Mount Vesuvius.

The boy had fallen into the crater and his parents tried to save him, but at that moment the crater collapsed.

Vesuvius is the volcano that erupted in the year 79, covering the Roman city of Pompeii under a layer of rubble.

An American tourist fell into a crater of the volcano Vesuvius near the Italian city of Naples last weekend.

That happened after he had tried to take a selfie and his phone fell into the crater.

At the top of the 1281-meter-high volcano Vesuvius, the 23-year-old American tourist dropped his phone into the crater on Saturday

According to local media, that happened after the man had taken a selfie on the top of the volcano.

When the tourist tried to get his phone back, he lost his balance and fell into the crater himself.