Covid-19 may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s

The risk is greater between inpatients and outpatients. The increase was quite surprising, Zarifkar said.

Similarly for PD, the risk of diagnosing PD within the first 12 months increased by 2.2 times in Covid-positive people compared to Covid-negative people.

According to Dr. Zarifkar, previous research was unclear whether Covid-19 affected the risk of specific neurological diseases and, if so, whether this association was different from other respiratory infections.

However, the increased risk of most neurological diseases in Covid-19 positive people is not higher than in those who have been infected with influenza or bacterial pneumonia.

For cerebrovascular disorders, the study found an increased risk of ischemic stroke increased by 2.87 times in Covid-positive subjects compared to Covid-negative after 12 months.

Zarifkar said the relatively strong inflammatory response associated with Covid-19, can create a state of increased blood clotting – the risk of stroke.

The risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage in Covid-positive people compared to Covid-negative people was not detected but research shows an increased risk of intracerebral haemorrhage after 12 months.