Why does the cough get worse at night?

Raise pillows: when lying down, mucus will automatically linger. Therefore, the best way to combat this gravity is to add pillows 15-20 cm high.

This will help the respiratory tract to clear, the mucus does not linger at the back of the throat.

Coughs at night may not come from a cold but from gravity, dry air, or stomach reflux.

Coughing can serve a useful purpose of removing irritants or helping to prevent infection.

However, coughs that last at night may not come from the flu or colds. Here are the common causes that cause the body to form coughs at night.

Due to gravity

When the body is in a state of lying down, mucus will begin to linger and flow down the throat.

At this time, the nerve organs in this area will be in a state of irritation, forming coughs.