Corneal transplant surgeries in Asia – bringing advanced medicine to domestic patients

Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon, General Director of FV Hospital, said that in the past, with corneal transplants, patients had to go to Singapore, paying from 20,000-30,000 USD, not to mention accommodation fees.

Currently, corneal transplant surgeries performed by Professor Donald Tan at FV Hospital are just over $10,000.

“Instead of letting patients go abroad for treatment, we strive to invite the world’s leading experts to FV, treating patients on the spot.

As a result, patients can have less effort and cost, and soon improve their quality of life,” Guillon said.

According to TS. Dr. Do Trong Khanh – Medical Director of FV Hospital to invite the world’s leading experts to Vietnam to work, FV must ensure the international working environment.

The hospital has to meet them. strict standards, including standards of facilities, infection control, operating room management procedures, postoperative care procedures… The anesthesiology team and the operating room team are also well trained according to international standards.

Not only inviting experts to Vietnam for surgery, FV Hospital also connects with advanced medical centers and leading experts in the world to diagnose in difficult cases, looking for optimal treatment solutions.

The hospital also regularly organizes medical seminars with the participation of leading speakers at home and abroad to open up opportunities to learn experiences and improve expertise for FV medical team in particular, the Vietnamese medical community in general.