Community service for farmer (19) who drove into police

Community service for farmer (19) who drove into police van with tractor

Several farmers’ demonstrators will be tried in the coming period during speedy trial hearings.

Early next month there will be a hearing for suspects who broke through a police blockade at the house of Minister Christianne van der Wal.

A week later, suspects are on trial who blocked a distribution center in Zwolle.

A farmer who drove into a police van during a demonstration near Stroe at the end of last month has been sentenced to community service during a speedy trial this morning.

According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), there were no injuries ‘thanks to adequate action by the police’.

The suspect was involved in farmers’ protests on the A1 near Stroe on 28 June.

He stood trial this morning together with another minor suspect in a speedy trial about the disturbances.

His case was heard behind closed doors because of his age.

Multiple suspicions

The 19-year-old man, Joost H., was suspected by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) of attempting to inflict serious bodily injury on a police officer.

He was also on trial for threatening and destroying a police bus.

Footage played in the courtroom in Zutphen showed the suspect driving a tractor with a dump truck against a police bus.