Goiter has signs such as sluggishness, sweating, bulging eyes, loss of appetite, coughing a lot…; more common in adults than in children.

For the prevention of goiter in a child, parents should adjust their nutrition accordingly.

It is necessary to provide enough 150 mcg of iodine per day for children with foods such as salt with iodine, sea fish (a kilogram of mackerel contains 800 mcg of iodine), crab or crab (a kilogram has about 100 mcg of iodine), celery (a kilogram contains 160 mcg of iodine), potatoes …

If the thyroid activity of the child is poor, it is possible to add vitamin D and selenium, zinc to enhance thyroid health.

Limit the use of hard plastic food containers, canned plastic, packaging, substances contained in plastic when mixed into food because it will affect thyroid function.

Experts said that goiter is a common way to refer to thyroid disease.