The mother also begins to feel the baby in the womb moving.

From week 29 to the end of pregnancy, the baby grows in the womb, and the mother’s body continues to change.

This time, the breasts are softer, the ti hurts, and the lower body of the mother will be subjected to the force of the fetus.

Colostrum can also be secreted during this period.

Most pregnant mothers experience unpleasant sensations due to pain in the chest area.

Pregnant women should have early medical attention when they encounter abnormalities such as: chest pain that affects living; mitochondria discharge with blood or clear fluid; the thoracic region of the appearance of tumors; the chest area shows signs of infection such as redness, purulent discharge or fever.

In the absence of the above serious signs, a pregnant woman can refer to several ways to fix chest pain on their own during pregnancy.