The mother may notice pain in the udder and nipples one to two weeks after conception.

From the 1st to 12th week of gestation, women feel the breasts, the nipples are softer, the breasts are fuller.

Due to the fact that the whole body is undergoing a major change, the mother also often feels more tired.

However, exhaustion, chest tightness, and human pain will subside after that.

By the 13th to 28th week of gestation, the bust continues to grow and the pregnant mother will need to change the bra to help support it better.

The veins float more clearly under the skin, the nipples and dark circles become darker.

Stretch marks begin to develop in the area of the mother’s chest, abdomen and thighs.

According to the non-profit medical education organization Healthwise (USA), colostrum has a yellowish tint, plenty of water can be secreted at the 16-19 weeks of gestation, which is a normal body sign.