Chess World Cup champion – Quang Liem loses first game at Biel Grandmaster

Chess World Cup champion – The Biel Grandmaster brings together eight players who have been and are about to be Super Grandmasters, with the standard Elo averaging 2,683.

Quang Liem is the only Super Grandmaster at the tournament (Elo is 2,700 or more), and his goal is to enter the World’s Top 20.

Le Quang Liem lost to 2007 Chess World Cup champion Gata Kamsky, in the standard game Biel Grandmaster on July 14.

The first round of the standard chess content saw up to three out of four pairs of defeats, in which the black player scored points.

Gukesh Dommaraju, Kamsky and Arkadij Naiditsch had to go behind but all beat Nodirbek Abdusattorov, respectively. Quang Liem And Salem Saleh.

Quang Liem chose to open the gambit after and Kamsky took over the test.

Black had prevailed from the middle, and benefited a good one at the end, in which White had good husbands at the g-pillar.

The Russian-American player caught another good at the end, then won after 63 moves.

This defeat caused Quang Liem to lose 5.9 Elo, dropping four places to 27th in the world.