Canada will return 5 Nord Stream 1 . pipeline turbines

Natural gas prices in the EU soared this week, after Gazprom announced the closure of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for repairs between August 31 and September 2. Nord Stream 2, which does not use Siemens turbines, was completed but suspended by Germany.

Canada’s foreign minister said the country would ship 5 turbines from Montreal back to Germany, despite requests from Ukraine and Kiev’s ambassador in Ottawa.

“That’s the decision we made,” Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said in an interview Aug. 24. “That’s exactly what Germany asked of us.”

She said the decision was made after a request from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who visited Canada Aug. 21-23.

Accordingly, 5 turbines used in Russia’s Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will be transported from Montreal, the Canadian province of Quebec, to Germany.

“Canada does not want to give any reason for Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue weaponizing the flow of energy to Europe,” she added.

Six turbines from German industrial conglomerate Siemens were brought to Montreal for maintenance when Canada announced sanctions on Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine.