Burns 16-year-old Princess Leonor raise questions with media

Burns 16-year-old Princess Leonor raise questions with Spanish media

According to various sources, the princess would have smeared an ointment or cream on the wounds.

At the event Leonor was accompanied by her father, mother and 15-year-old sister Sofia.

Leonor’s father, Felipe, also keeps the Spanish magazines busy. His strained relationship with his father Juan Carlos is a regular talk of the day.

Not only in the Netherlands is the appearance of the royals regularly scrutinized, also in Spain they can do some of it. Although this time it is about something completely different than dresses and hats.

Attentive journalists spotted burns on Princess Leonors (16) left hand. Spanish media are expressing their concerns.

The eldest daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia appeared during the award ceremony of the ‘Princesa de Girona’ foundation in a beautiful light blue dress. Yet the wounds on her hand were what preoccupied the media.

The magazine Semana even asked the court about the reason behind this, but the details were not shared.

Below you can see, on her middle and ring finger, the injuries.