Brussels parliament on the Uber Files “I think Pascal Smet is straight in his boots”

Pascal Smet, for his part, says he has always been very clear in his contacts with Uber, which he used “to help us pass our program” within the competing platform of taxi companies.

“I really don’t see any problem,” Conner Rousseau commented.

“Pascal Smet has already been questioned in the Brussels parliament and he has always been transparent and open, he will remain so.

I think he is right in his boots,” added Mr. Rousseau, recalling that Pascal Smet had established “clear rules” for Uber.

The president of Vooruit Conner Rousseau has “no problem” with a commission of inquiry being set up in the Brussels parliament on the Uber Files, he said Wednesday on the airwaves of the VRT (De Ochtend).

He defends the action of Pascal Smet when the latter was Brussels Minister of Mobility.

“I think there are other problems right now in Brussels, but if we consider it a priority, then let’s investigate,” Rousseau said.

The leader of the Flemish Socialists sees “no problem” in the relations between lobbyists of the American multinational and Pascal Smet (Vooruit).

These links were pointed out by “Le Soir”, “De Tijd” and “Knack” as part of the “Uber Files”, a leak of confidential documents from the British daily The Guardian, which were analyzed by an international consortium of investigative journalists.