Breast cancer after 10 years of ‘neglecting’ tumors

Man discovers breast cancer after 10 years of ‘neglecting’ tumors

Men at risk breast cancer higher if belonging to one of the groups such as people over 50 years old; carry mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes; family history of someone who has had breast cancer; each radiation exposure in the chest area; use of drugs containing estrogen (a hormone that helps develop and maintain female sex characteristics);

Surgical removal of the testicles; with Klinefelter syndrome; cirrhosis of the liver; overweight and obesity.

Experts recommends that these people should be proactive. breast cancer screening every 6-12 months using methods such as mammograms, ultrasound similar to women.

Mr. John (40 years old) suddenly discovered stage three breast cancer, a tumor that has existed for 10 years, has invaded the skin, chest muscles and metastasized axillary lymph nodes.

Experts said he felt a small lump near his left nipple 10 years ago.

Seeing that the tumor did not cause pain, he thought it was normal so he did not go to the doctor. Recently, when the tumor was noticeably raised, his skin changed color, he went to General Hospital for examination and found breast cancer.