Jair Bolsonaro, lost the process promoted by the award-winning journalist Patricia Campos Mello

The journalist was the target of insults after a report on the mass dissemination of false information in the 2018 elections, which Bolsonaro won, who is now seeking re-election.

The matter was investigated by a parliamentary commission and Hans River, a former employee of one of the companies allegedly responsible for the messages in favor of Bolsonaro, accused the journalist of trying to “seduce” him and offer him “sex” in exchange for information.

Folha de Sao Paulo denied that accusation and published all the messages exchanged by the journalist with River, which, on the contrary, suggested that the informant himself came to propose greater privacy, which was rejected outright by Campos Mello.

Even so, the president lashed out at the reporter and in a statement to some followers, at the doors of his official residence, said that “she wanted a ‘furo’ at all costs,” and thus I use a word that in Spanish means hollow or hole and in the jargon of Brazilian journalism it is a scoop.