Boeing 737 Max suffered flight emergencies after resuming operations

The Boeing 737 Max suffered flight emergencies after resuming operations

According to the Australian channel, the UNITED STATES authorities plan to investigate the process of supervision by Boeing in the production of the 737 MAX, which has hundreds of manufacturing orders by dozens of airlines.

The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which resumed operations in December 2020 after being suspended in 2019 worldwide after two tragic accidents, suffered at least six flight emergencies last year, which could affect their safety, publishes on Monday an exclusive investigation of the Australian channel ABC.

Among the serious problems, collected in official reports to which the Australian media has gained access, are failures in the controls and key systems for the proper functioning of the aircraft during the flight, while dozens of problems have also been registered when the aircraft was on the ground.

In December 2021, a flight operated by United Airlines with the aforementioned Boeing model registered failures in the system that controls the altitude, according to one of the pilots in command.

Meanwhile, in April of last year, on another route of the 737 MAX operated by American Airlines, several systems, including the autopilot, stopped working, according to the subsequent report.

ABC’s investigation is based on numerous safety reports from the U.S. Federal Air Administration’s (FAA) Service Hardship Notification System, as well as anonymous reports sent to NASA’s Aviation Safety Notification System.

These flight problems occurred after the FAA approved in November 2020 the resumption of operations of the Boeing 737 MAX after being grounded for 20 months following the accidents in Indonesia -October 2018- and Ethiopia -March 2019- due to failures in the design of the aircraft, according to the investigation.