Bern and Paris want a long-term agreement on telework

Franco-Swiss agreement extended, in the meantime: Bern and Paris want a long-term agreement on telework

The two countries will conduct work to put in place a “flexible, simple and fair regime for the workers and employers concerned”. And which also preserves “their respective budgetary interests”.

The new rules will have to provide for “a balanced and verifiable sharing of tax revenues related to teleworking between the two states,” the statement said.

Pending the new regulations, and despite the end of the state of health emergency, the amicable agreement of 13 May 2020 continues to apply.

At the end of March 2022, Switzerland had more than 203,000 cross-border workers domiciled in France, according to data from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

They account for just over half of the total border workforce (55.7%).

Switzerland and France are working on a long-term solution to facilitate teleworking for cross-border workers from a tax point of view.