Health benefits of chamomile tea

Treatment of minor skin lesions: A study published in the National Library of Health (USA) showed that applying chamomile extract to injured skin helps to heal faster.

Several similar sources of research have also found that chamomile ointments can help cure eczema, other mild dermatitis conditions.

Using warm chamomile tea, the right amount for your condition can help reduce the symptoms of cold, relax, reduce inflammation, heal the skin.

Chamomile tea is a benign herb drink, easy to find, close to the Vietnamese people.

Many medical studies show the effectiveness of flavonoid compounds present in chamomile tea, useful in supporting the treatment of pathologies, improving health symptoms as follows.

Reduce cold symptoms:

Studies published in the National Library of Health (USA) show that using steam extracted from chamomile can help reduce the symptoms of a cold. Using warm chamomile tea also helps to relax the respiratory tract, reduce headaches, clear the nose.

Blood glucose regulation:

Chamomile tea helps reduce blood sugar levels for diabetics, regulates blood glucose.

However, the patient should consult a doctor before putting the drink on the menu.

Relief of dysmenorrhea: One study found that chamomile tea improved symptoms of dysmenorrhea in women after a month of use.