Barca has another 103 million USD

Currently, many people are concerned about Barca’s approach.

Fernando Carro, Leverkusen’s general manager, said it was risky for Barca to activate the levers, bread for today and for tomorrow. “In Germany, it is believed that Barca are doing crazy things,” Carro said.

The Camp Nou hosts activated their fourth economic lever to get more money to spend on salaries and transfers.

“FC Barcelona announces the sale of a 24.5% stake in Barca Studios to Orpheus Media, an audiovisual content production company with a long history, for $103 million,” Barca’s announcement on The Afternoon of August 12 read.

“This agreement complements the agreement signed on July 29 with, which will accelerate the development of the club’s digital, NFT and Web.3 strategy.”

Selling a 24.5% stake in Barca Studios to Orpheus Media is the fourth economic lever activated by Barca this summer.