Researchers found a total of 169 gold rings in the grave of an aristocratic woman who lived about 6,500 years ago.

The Tiszapolgár people dominated the vast geographical area at the Time of the Stone.

Their territory spans the Alföld Plain, Banat, Transylvania, Eastern Slovakia, and many areas of Ukraine in central and southeastern Europe.

The researchers’ understanding of this civilization came from excavating the tombs.

The Tiszapolgár seem to be very belligerent because weapons are often buried in men’s graves.

While conducting excavations near the city of Biharia, archaeologists working at the Tarii Crisurilor museum in Oradea discovered a prehistoric tomb belonging to a woman from the Bronze Age Tiszapolgár civilization, who lived in Romania and southeastern Europe between 4,500 and 4,000 BC. Ancient Origins .

What makes the discovery special is the collection of gold rings buried with the owner of the tomb.