Analyst (RUSI) : Russia is getting stronger.

Analyst (RUSI) : Russia is getting stronger. The fight for a large city in Donbas was overwhelming for Ukrainians

Russian troops took control of the Ukrainian city of Lysychansk last Sunday.

According to the latest information from the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia is trying to get full control of Ukraine’s Luhansk oblast. In the neighboring Donetsk region, it continues its offensive operations in the direction of Sloviansk.

Expert also mentions how the Ukrainian army behaved in Lysychinsk or what possible scenarios are possible from Russia.

The fall of Lysychansk into Russian hands has changed the shape of the war front in Ukraine, according to an analyst at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

“Previously, Ukrainians were largely surrounded by Russian forces, or at least closed on three sides, which created a lot of problems, as we know from the past,” Cranny-Evans said in an interview with Reuters.

Based on his information, the Russians still have a large number of troops in the NorthDonetsk area. But the question, he said, is whether they are no longer hitting their limits in the region.

“Because otherwise they may be able to redistribute these forces to another part of the front. And here I am not entirely sure whether the Ukrainians would be able to defend themselves against them in this case,” the security expert adds.

According to him, the real situation of the Ukrainian army is now a big unknown.

“Many soldiers were killed or wounded in Lysyčany, they consumed a lot of ammunition that is no longer available,” comments Cranny-Evans.

“So all the while, the Ukrainians have suffered immensely militarily,” he adds.