Mass clings to the uterine chamber after 3 months of cesarean section

In order to prevent postpartum omissions, women should give birth in safe medical facilities, while also noticing the signs of abnormalities warning each other in the uterus.

After 3 months of caesarean section, the woman suffers from continuous bleeding because the mass of 3×4 cm is still attached to the uterus.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Center said, the 27-year-old patient, residing was hospitalized with anemia, hemorrhage.

Through examination and diagnostic imaging, the doctor suspects that the patient has an abnormal tumor that is the placenta clinging to the uterus.

The patient gave birth to her first child three months ago and still has a constant bleeding condition.

She went to the doctor and treated at a hospital but was unsuccessful.

Director of the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology, performed a vaginal endoscopic surgery on the patient, removing the 3×4 cm mass from the uterus.

After 2 days of surgery, the patient is out of hemorrhage, healthy discharged from the hospital.