The EU’s Global Drought Observatory – Severe drought in Europe is getting worse

The EU’s Global Drought Observatory estimates 17% of europe is currently on the red alert drought category, higher than the 11% set in July.

According to scientists, the 2022 drought may be the most severe in Europe in the past 500 years. The drought has other implications, such as disrupting coal shipments in Germany as the country expands its alternative fuel sources for gas from Russia.

The drought has also hit the operation of nuclear power facilities in France and caused wildfires in the UK.

The severe drought that “swept” parts of Europe is getting worse. While the rains are helping some areas, the accompanying thunderstorms are also causing significant damage.

In its latest monthly report, the European Union’s Global Drought Observatory (EU-GDO) highlighted the ongoing phenomenon of increasingly arid land due to successive heat waves since May and prolonged rainfall shortages.

According to the report, severe drought affecting many parts of Europe since the beginning of the year has continued to expand and worsen since the beginning of August.