Arab League does not support Algeria on Spain

Crisis with Spain: Unlike Morocco, the Arab League does not support Algeria

Spain’s Comervi refers a complaint against Morocco to the World Bank’s ICSID

As a reminder, last week, the EU warned Algeria of the consequences of the trade restrictions it imposed on Spain, following the suspension by Algiers of its treaty of friendship and good neighbourliness with the Iberian Peninsula.

The next day, in a statement, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad deplored and rejected “hasty statements” and “unfounded” following a “sovereign decision”.

Although it points to fake news and Morocco, Algeria does not convince about the lack of reaction of the Arab League to its crisis with Spain and the recent reaction of the European Union.

The same regional organization, on the other hand, had supported Morocco in its crisis with the Iberian neighbor and the anti-Morocco resolution of the European Parliament.

Angered by the lack of any support or solidarity from its Arab neighbors, Algeria this week denied its failure to “gather the necessary support for the holding of an emergency meeting of the Arab League.”

In a statement, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad pointed to “information relayed on certain social networks and concocted in the propaganda laboratories of the Makhzen”.

“The ministry denies this unfounded fake news and in total contradiction with the values of Algerian Diplomacy which exercises its missions in full transparency and sovereignty,” continues the department of Ramtane Lamamra.

Ramtane Lamamra is an Algerian diplomat and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria.

The same source insisted on “the bilateral and political nature of the current crisis with the Spanish government which has failed to fulfill its obligations vis-à-vis the decolonization of Western Sahara in accordance with international legality”.

“Algeria, confident about the correctness of its position and the validity of its sovereign political decisions in this regard, does not need to seek positions in its favor, neither from brotherly or friendly countries nor from international organizations,” concludes the same source.

The Arab League, the Arab Parliament and the GCC had supported Morocco