A series of shootings that kill many people

A series of shootings that kill many people in the U.S

In recent months, America has been shaken by tragic shootings.

After the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 children and two adults in May, both houses of Congress pushed for a Safer Communities bill to tighten gun control.

On June 25, US President Joe Biden signed the law.

Houston, Texas, officials say a suspect shot and killed three people after setting their homes on fire.

The suspect was killed by police.

On August 28, there were consecutive shootings in the United States that caused casualties.

Detroit police say they have arrested a suspect in random shootings of four people, killing three of them.

Speaking at a news conference, Detroit Police Chief James White said the shootings occurred on the morning of Aug. 28 at various locations on Detroit’s streets.