A mysterious disk was found in an Egyptian tomb

The strangest things found in Egyptian tombs. It looks like a part of a modern machine

One of the few tombs found intact is that of King Tutankhamun, where 5,398 artifacts were found, including two thrones, six chariots, a massive golden burial mask, cosmetic bags, wigs, perfume boxes and, of course, a coffin with his mummy.

There was plenty of food and many wine containers.

Since cats had a special significance in ancient Egyptian culture, it was not a mystery that archaeologists in Egypt discovered a collection of mummified cats, whose age is estimated at 4000 years.

It was also very common for the pharaoh to be buried with his servants. Not literally– people were replaced by small model figures called ushabti.

The Egyptians believed that the ushabti would come to life and serve their kings in the afterlife.

In addition to sacred cats, some ancient Egyptians stored sets of make-up in their tombs. It did not matter the origin of the deceased, men and women, rich and poor, took their make-up with them to the other world.