Doctors recommend that when people go to the forest, they need to pay attention to avoid squeezing; do not wash your face or drink water in streams, rivers or lakes.

When suspected of being squeezed (or leeched) into the airways, it is common to see discomfort in the nostrils, blowing nose, nasal congestion, nose bleeds that require an early visit to a medical facility for timely detection and removal.

Sore throat, chest for a month of unknown cause, the 15-year-old bought his own medicine to help when he went to the hospital to find his son alive in the trachea.

The patient was admitted to General Hospital, on 16/8.

Endoscopy doctors, detecting a living foreign body located in the trachea.

This is a complex location, if left for a long time, the foreign body can get deeper, causing pneumonia, necrotic complications, even death.

According to the doctor, squeezing into the patient’s ear and nose is not uncommon,

“but this is the first time the hospital has received a case of a squeeze into the trachea.”

During the endoscopy, the squeeze is constantly moving in the airways, so it is difficult to access.