6-year-old baby scoliosis deviates from the head

In 2019, doctors at Hanoi Medical University Hospital diagnosed the baby with congenital scoliosis due to segmentation abnormalities and abnormalities in the formation of the vertebral trunk structure, causing the entire spine of the baby’s neck and chest to be deformed to the left.

However, at that time, the baby is in the process of progressing the curve, so the doctor prescribes to monitor the deformity by X-ray every 6 months, in order to catch the abnormal hyperfield period, there will be indications for surgical intervention.

Where the condition progresses rapidly, the patient undergoes early surgery to correct the spine and prevent the progression of the curve.

Otherwise, the curve will continue to progress causing very severe cervical spine deformity.

The disease can cause the baby to hunch over the spine, there is a risk of compression of the pulp, causing progressive weakness of the extremities, even paralysis.