World oil prices fell for the 3rd consecutive day

Oil prices are currently around 6-month low. All the increases after the Russian military campaign in Ukraine are gone. In early March, the price at one point reached $130 a barrel.

Brent and WTI fell as global growth slowed and the prospect of OPEC countries such as Libya and Iran increased supply.

U.S. WTI crude is now down 0.2 percent at $89.23 a barrel. During the session, the price at one point fell below 89 USD.

Two sessions earlier, the price of this oil fell a total of 5%.

Brent is now down 0.6 percent, to $94.50. During the session, the price at one point was close to $93 a barrel.

Signals of a global economic slowdown are becoming more pronounced, as U.S. manufacturing contracted in July and China also picked up. series of weaker figures than forecast.