The EU National Basketball in the Second Phase of the World Cup qualifiers

The EU National Basketball: The rating of the new group and the program in the Second Phase of the World Cup qualifiers

Belarus was eliminated and the results of Greece, Great Britain and Turkey were cancelled, in order to achieve equality, the results of Serbia, Latvia and Belgium with Slovakia will be canceled, so that there is an equal number of matches for the six teams of the group of the second stage.

With a day’s delay, the image of the new group of the Men’s National Team for the World Cup qualifiers was completed.

Serbia’s game against Belgium in Nis ended on the evening of Monday, July 4 (instead of Sunday, July 3rd, due to the drop in the current on the pitch), with the visitors coming back from -8 in the 36th minute and taking the win (73-74) thanks to Emmanuel Lecomt’s basket just before the end.

Thus, Belgium ensured that in the Second Round of the qualifiers (in the new group that is being created) it will carry two victories (both over Serbia), in contrast to the “orlovis” who will carry only one (!).

This demonstrates the high degree of difficulty of their work from now on, especially given that Greece and Latvia already have three victories as a legacy.