The companion of the French goalkeeper found dead

Drama on the sidelines of the Euro: The companion of the French goalkeeper found dead

Indisputable holder in the cage of the France team, Pauline Peyraud-Magnin stood out when the Blues entered the Euro on Sunday 10 July, multiplying the decisive parades against Italy (5-1). She showed less to her advantage thursday against Belgium (2-1)

Camille Nell, partner of Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, goalkeeper of the France team that currently plays the Women’s Euro in England, was found dead in early July in the apartment she shared with the player in Turin.

Contacted by AFP, the Italian justice replied: “The investigation is ongoing and remains covered by secrecy.

The family’s requests were, as far as possible, all met. My department has been working closely with the France consulate in Milan since the beginning.”

the France team completed a three-week training camp to prepare for the Euro which ended after a second friendly match against Vietnam on July 1 in Orleans.

The players then enjoyed three days of rest, before flying to England on July 5.