Rio Ferdinand understands Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire

Rio Ferdinand understands Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to leave Manchester United

Rio Ferdinand can understand why Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United.

The Portuguese superstar has asked to leave Old Trafford as he doesn’t believe Manchester United can compete with the best clubs in the Premier League and Europe and Ferdinand accepts the player’s decision.

Ferdinand told his YouTube channel FIVE:

“Of course he’s not happy! You’re talking about Cristiano Ronaldo there! I don’t understand that it’s a big story that Ronaldo isn’t happy with the way things are going at Manchester United. It cannot be. I would not be.

“Anyone who wants to win football matches or trophies, anyone who is used to winning and fighting every year at the top of the table for the biggest prizes, and who suddenly is no longer – and doesn’t even qualify for the Champions League – you can’t sit here and expect them to be happy.

“He’s not happy to have missed the Champions League, he doesn’t even know what the Europa League soundtrack looks like! When that happens, he’s going to say, “What dance am I in?”